Agility A2

Our adventure with Agility began in mid 2017, where we started training at the local Agilife kennel club. Stefan from the future Frisbee star quickly turned into a great agility lover and we focused only on agility training. When we reached the Agility Zero level, we increased our skills and knowledge under the watchful eye of world-famous trainers to start in Agility A1 in March 2019. In 8 months we reached the next level of Agility A2 advancement. The year 2020 turned out to be a pandemic, which was a great opportunity to improve our qualifications, which resulted in learning running contacts.

We regularly train under the supervision of great coaches such as Lucie Kotaskova in Ostrava and Ola Gronek. We hope that our speed will increase from 5.76 to above 6.0 m/s, which will allow us to regain the time we lost with “2 On 2 Off Contacts”. Stefan is a show line dog with a working line soul. He is focused on work, extremely durable and attentive. He loves to work both distance and close, recording every move of the handler. He is not a tunnel lover but he is a slalom champion. He is not afraid of heat, snow or rain. He thinks while running and cares for his body, thus avoiding injuries and mistakes. For me as a beginner handler, this is a perfect dog because he forgives and corrects my mistakes.

Below you can find a list of the seminars and camps we have held so far.
In addition, we train 4-5 times a week, and the remaining days are spent on regeneration, relaxation and fun.
During two years we have participated in over 40 one, two or three-day competitions in Poland and abroad.

Seminars and Camps


16-18.07.2018 Camp with Magdalena Łabieniec
25-26.08.2018 Camp with Magdalena Łabieniec
08-09.09.2018 Seminar with Iwona Gołąb
13-14.10.2018 Seminar with Magdalena Ziółkowska
10-11.11.2018 Independent weekend with Iwona Gołąb


05-06.01.2019 Seminar One Jump and Fitness with Iwona Gołąb
25-26.05.2019 Seminar with Iwona Gołąb
05-06.10.2019 Seminar with Magdalenia Łabieniec
05-07.10.2019 Seminar with Monika Rylska


11.01.2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
15.02. 2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
15-17.05.2020 Seminar with Ola Gronek
21-25.05.2020 Seminar with Monika Rylska
12-14.06.2020 Seminar with Magdalena Łabieniec
28.06-03.07.2020 Dream Agility Team Summer Camp Jednorożec
12.07.2020 Seminar with Ola Gronek
28.07.2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
29-30.08.2020 Seminar with Ola Gronek
16.09. Training with Ola Gronek
03-04.10.2020 Seminar with Ola Gronek
08.10.2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
18.10.2020 Seminar with Magdalena Ziółkowska
22.10.2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
07-08.11.2020 Seminar with Ola Gronek
21-22.11.2020 Seminar with Ola Gronek
18.12.2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
27.12.2020 Training with Lucie Kotaskova


09.01.2021 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
16.01.2021 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
24.01.2021 Training with Lucie Kotaskova
13.02.2021 Seminar with Iwona Gołąb
10-11.04.2021 Seminar with Ola Gronek
24.04.2021 Seminar with Ola Gronek
19.05.2021 Seminar with Monika Rylska
13-18.07.2021 Camp with Ola Gronek
07-08.08.2021 Seminar with Ola Gronek
03.09.2021 Seminar with Tamas Traj